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CPI-SP works to:
• Guarantee the land rights of indigenous peoples and quilombola communities.
• Strengthen Indians and quilombolas so they may become more capable and effective advocates for laws and public policies that respect their rights.
• Build fair gender relationships between male and female quilombolas and indigenous people.
• Combat racial and ethnic discrimination.

To meet these objectives, CPI-SP promotes training programs on diverse themes (including land rights legislation, gender relations, project planning and management); publishes training materials; disseminates information on and for communities; monitors governmental actions; organizes seminars and implements income-generating projects.

CPI-SP is formed by a small but solid team of specialists (anthropologists, lawyers, sociologists, ecologists, economists, and agronomists) in its office in São Paulo, and it counts on an experienced group of advisors with various specialties throughout Brazil.

For more information about our work

Guaranteeing Land Rights (in Portuguese):

Ethno-development (English version available) (in Portuguese)


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